Thank you for your help with the Maddie Thums Memorial Sew-a-thon & Make-A-Difference Day (MADD) Projects sponsored by the Colby Community Library, Creative Hideaway & Thrivent Action Teams.

Together, we made:

  • 134 Muslin Procedure Dolls (Maddie)
  • 129 Mini Gowns (Maddie)
  • 185 Taggy Blankets (Maddie)
  • 133 Reusable Ice Pack Holders (Maddie)
  • 24 Adult Fleece Blankets (MADD)
  • 686 Fleece Ice Pop Holders (MADD)

Total 1291 items for Marshfield Medical Center!

We hope to be able to return to hosting the on-site Sew-a-thon & Dinner in March of 2023!