Pick up your booklet today and return by December 29, 2023 for a chance to win Colby and Abbotsford Chamber Certificates.

  1. All books must be checked out at CCL.
  2. Books must mention a color in the title or have the color anywhere on the front or back cover.
  3. If there are multiple colors on a book or in the title, choose only one.
  4. You may have several movie booklets going at once, but you may only use each book one time for the year.
  5. The same book may not be used on multiple cards, even if it has more than one color.
  6. Write the title of the book in one of the colored slots that matches the color in the title or on the cover of the book you read.
  7. In the “Sunny Space” at the bottom of the booklet, you may choose any book with any color to fill in that space.
  8. Six different colors and the “Sunny Space” filled in with books read in your booklet puts you in the drawing at the end of the year for prize certificates.
  9. Turn in all “Read the Rainbow” booklets by Friday, December 29, 2023.